Reinforcing steel

Reinforcing steel

Reinforcing steel in bars B500B, hot rolled, surface ribbed, highly ductile, properties according to DIN 488.

Reinforcing steel in coils

Reinforcing steel in coils

Reinforcing steel in coils B500A/B500B, surface ribbed, normal ductile or highly ductile, properties according to DIN 488.

Reinforcing steel in coils is either hot-rolled and then cold-stretched or cold-rolled from wire rod and wound onto transportable coils.
Product details:B500A/ Normal-ductility
Yield strength Re :at least.500 N/mm2
Yield strength ratioRm/Re:at least. 1,05
Uniform elongation Agt :at least.2,5%
Fully weldable :C<=0,22%; Ceq <= 0,50%

Diameter range :

6 – 16 mm
DIN EN 1992-1-1:2011 festgelegt

Erico Lenton ® Screw sockets

Connection and anchoring of B500B reinforcing bars with diameters ranging from 10 to 40mm, by means of Erico Lenton® system screw sockets.

In our production facilities, a conical external thread is cut on the reinforcing steel bar ends to be connected or anchored. The bar ends are then screwed into the tapered internal threads of the sleeves in production or on the construction site and screwed with a defined torque to reduce slippage.
Products : Standard couplings | Position couplings | Reducing couplings | Combination couplings | Steel joints | End anchoring | Screw, position, reducing and anchoring couplings are available for various types of bar joints and anchorages. Let our expert sales staff advise you on this. Certificates of conformity are available for delivery within Germany but also for deliveries to other European countries.  


Spacers and supports for reinforcing steel that meet the requirements of the DBV. Our products are at the time of installation: stable and non-tilting, sufficiently stiff and load-bearing. The supports stand either on reinforcements or directly on the formwork using corrosion protection.
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